Butterfield Podiums in Comeback Race

Nikki Butterfield Podiums in Comeback Race

After five years out of the sport to pursue her Olympic dream as a cyclist, and just 5 months after having her first child, Nikki Butterfield has returned to her origins as a triathlete with a podium finish in Germany at the Darmstadt 5i50, the first Ironman branded non-drafting Olympic distance event in Europe.

After much coaxing by her husband Tyler, also a professional athlete, Nikki raced her first professional triathlon since August 2005. The time-trial style event consisted of a 1500 meter swim, a 40 kilometer bike, and 10 kilometer run. Nikki completed the event in 2.05.09 .

The eventual winner, Radka Vodickova from Czechoslovakia, was by far the fastest swimmer with a swim time almost 3 minutes faster than any other woman in the race. The remainder of the field were within 30 seconds of each other after the swim.

Nikki was dominant on the bike riding an average speed of 23.4 miles an hour, a reflection of the years she spent exclusively cycling.

Off the bike Nikki had a 1.30 lead over Vodickova and held on to the lead until 2 kilometers to go in the race, but was not able to hold on for the win.

Nikki said “being on the podium in my first race back is well beyond my expectations, it is a big confidence booster for me, I was worried I would be way out the back after so many years away from the sport”.

Nikki will race again in Klagenfurt, Austria this weekend in another 5i50 event.

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