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Tokio Millennium Re

Tokio Millennium Re

A Member of the Tokio Marine Group

Tokio Millennium Re (TMR) has been a strong supporter of Tyler Butterfield since he reaffirmed his commitment to triathlon following a foray into professional cycling. The company is now thrilled to back both Tyler and Nikki Butterfield as the couple aims to conquer triathlon titles around the globe. Tatsuhiko Hoshina, President and CEO, and Peter Mills, Senior Vice President and an accomplished Ironman triathlete, both have a keen interest in the sport and encourage the company’s involvement in numerous races.

“TMR is actively involved in Bermuda sport and youth programs,” said Peter Mills. “As a native of Bermuda from a terrific local family, Tyler Butterfield has been a wonderful ambassador for our nation. He is by far Bermuda’s most accomplished athlete, and as such he provides an excellent media profile for the island. At TMR we believe firmly in both Tyler and Nikki’s talents and the many podium positions they are sure to achieve, across all distances from 5150 through Ironman.”

TMR’s mission is to create value for its clients by providing strong financial security and high quality solutions using unparalleled expertise, quantitative focus and state of the art technology. Since its inception, TMR has contributed to the strengthening of worldwide reinsurance capacity by providing catastrophe risk coverage for insurance and reinsurance companies through traditional reinsurance and innovative alternative risk transfer (ART) products. TMR’s sound financial footing allows the company to act as a strategic risk diversifier for the Tokio Marine Group, working together to enhance its capital efficiency.


“We’re extremely grateful for the support of both Tokio Millennium Reinsurance and Philadelphia Insurance. Having non-endemic sponsors recognize the value of our sport is quite rewarding, and gives us added incentive to spread the joy and challenge of triathlon to a broader audience.” – Tyler & Nikki Butterfield



The crew at Cervelo not only loves cycling, they love pushing the envelope in every way possible through industry-leading product design and development. The company’s founding mission, “To help customers win races”, is substantiated time and again on racecourses around the globe.

“I feel extremely fortunate to ride Cervelo. The company has revolutionized product development, incorporating a realistic mannequin into their aerodynamic research and crafting new industry standards for bottom bracket and steer tube stiffness. They’re always eager to hear athlete feedback and I’m confident that they provide the best possible – and continually evolving – bikes to help carry me to victory.” – Tyler Butterfield


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Zone 3

Zone3 is the #1 triathlon brand in the UK and one of the fastest growing worldwide. The brand was started by elite athlete James Lock in 2007 to support his triathlon career. With an in depth knowledge of the triathlon world, Lock looked to design a range of products that would not only be able to sell and fund the costs of competing internationally but also products that would increase his performance. Ultimately, Zone3 is a company built with the athlete in mind right from the very start. Zone3 doesn’t only use sports technology and lab testing but, more importantly, they have also conducted thousands of real life testing sessions by carefully listen to their customers feedback to further improve the range.

“I am thrilled to work with Zone3 – one of the fastest wetsuits in the world,” said Butterfield. They thought of every detail with their top model, the Victory D. Not only is it fast in the water, but it also speeds up transition time with the easy sleeve and leg release. The swim is a very critical component because if you miss the top group, the race can be over from the start. Every second matters, and that is why I am confident to be partnering with Zone3.”



CeramicSpeed uses NASA-based-technology to craft the fastest ceramic bearings on the market.

“As a former professional cyclist and now a triathlete, it’s important to me to consider every aspect of my equipment. CeramicSpeed was the obvious choice when it came to bearing selection.” – Tyler Butterfield

Rudy Project

Rudy Project, an award-winning manufacturer of technologically advanced eyewear and helmets, supplies Butterfield with their full range of helmets–both road and time-trial–and performance and fashion sunglasses.

“When I tried Rudy Project’s new Wing57 helmet in Kona, I couldn’t believe they’d been able to make a TT helmet that was so cool temperature-wise–even more so than a road helmet. Add to that the fact that it’s wind tunnel tested as the fastest helmet in the world and why would I ride with anything else?” – Tyler Butterfield

Friction Facts

Friction Facts is a company created to “separate the hype from the facts” in cycling component selection.

“I totally trust Friction Facts’ founder Jason Smith’s expertise when it comes to component selection. His unbiased performance data is thorough, accurate and invaluable.” – Tyler Butterfield


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